Automatic Self-Activation Fire Extinguisher Ball Fire Suppression Device For Home, Cars and Fire Prone Areas

Provides protection for up to 3 cubic mt of floor space.

Afo Fire Extinguisher Ball is built to make the process of putting off fire easy. Fire can break out due to different reasons. Malfunctioning electronics in a home can ignite. Sometimes kids can play with cookers and other cooking items in a home and end up with accidental fire. Family members must put measures in place to protect family members against fire. The ball comes with a self-executing design to make it easy when putting down a fire. There is no training required before the fire extinguisher can be applied. You only have to throw the ball at the spot where the fire has started, and it will explode to put off the fire. Several factors have been taken into account to ensure the fire extinguisher is safe for everyday use. Parents have the responsibility to make their homes safe

This is a video demonstration of Elide fire-extinguishing balls. You just toss a ball in the fire and POOF, fire goes out .

This fire suppression system also contains environmentally harmless dry powder. So, you can also use it safely around your pets, children, and more. Furthermore, the self-activation function of this ball automatically controls the flame as early as possible. The alarm function of this fireball rings an emergency alarm up to 120-decibels. The wall-mounting bracket makes the installation process lesser hectic.


Allows for quick action against fireYou do not have to wait for the fire brigade to arrive before you start putting off the fire. The ball will act fast and put off the fire. Remember, it is essential to put off fire fast before it spreads to cause more damage and even become hard to contain. The fireball comes in a simple but highly effective design to keep the fire under control.

Environment friendly - The auto fire extinguisher is made out of environmentally friendly materials. Your kids and pets will not have to worry about the ball. It works well to make it easy for everyday fire safety. There is no worry about side effects upon the application of the ball. The mechanism used to put off the fire is safe and suitable. You will simplify the process of putting off the fire after you decide to go for the ball. It is unlike traditional balls that require the use of ingredients that may not be safe when mishandled.

Easy installation  It will not require you to buy expensive stands before you can deploy it. The ball can rest on a tabletop and keep your home safe. Ensure you install it in a strategic location where you can easily reach it in case of fire. The ball is carefully designed to make it easy for family members to handle it. You do not need a lot of training before you can install the ball. Take a few minutes to check on the instruction manual, and it will be easy to get the ball into action.

Fast and effective - You can use the device to project images on the board for the child to trace, which can help them learn how to draw creatures and vehicles. The projected image is well-defined and easily visible, and kids will handily/easily be able to draw lines on top of the projection. The ball will take less than 10 seconds to activate when in contact with fire. You can deploy several balls to suppress a larger fire. The quick action of the ball can avoid cases where your house can burn down. There are several factors to check out before installing a fire suppression system. The system should be fast to avoid cases where fire can spread, making it hard to contain

Works on all classes of fire Traditional fire extinguishers were classified according to the type of fire they can put off. It is a different case with the fireball. It works on all types of fire. Family members can save on cost after they decide to go for the fire extinguisher. It is easy to apply a device that works fast to put off the fire. Family members will not have to panic when the fire starts. Reach for the ball and throw it at the fire, and it will put off the fire within minutes. Ensure you buy a versatile fire extinguisher if you are after ways you can keep your home safe.


By simply throwing this ball near the fire-affected area, this fire safety gadget also automatically starts controlling the flame. Furthermore, you can use the ball safely in several residential and commercial spaces, like a kitchen or gas station. Therefore, this mini extinguisher ball is safe to carry around in your boat, RV, and other regular vehicles.


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